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Office Management Computer Operator Basic Diploma Short Course in Sialkot Professional

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Location: Sialkot
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Section 1:

1Ms Word

Lesson 1: Getting Started with Word

Topic A: Navigate in Microsoft Word

Topic B: Create and Save Word Documents

Topic C: Manage Your Workspace

Topic D: Edit Documents

Topic E: Preview and Print Documents

Topic F: Customize the Word Environment

Lesson 2: Formatting Text and Paragraphs
Topic A: Apply Character Formatting
Topic B: Control Paragraph Layout
Topic C: Align Text Using Tabs
Topic D: Display Text in Bulleted or Numbered Lists
Topic E: Apply Borders and Shading

Lesson 3: Working More Efficiently
Topic A: Make Repetitive Edits
Topic B: Apply Repetitive Formatting
Topic C: Use Styles to Streamline Repetitive Formatting Tasks

Lesson 4: Managing Lists
Topic A: Sort a List
Topic B: Format a List

Lesson 5: Adding Tables
Topic A: Insert a Table
Topic B: Modify a Table
Topic C: Format a Table
Topic D: Convert Text to a Table

Lesson 6: Inserting Graphic Objects
Topic A: Insert Symbols and Special Characters
Topic B: Add Images to a Document

Lesson 7: Controlling Page Appearance
Topic A: Apply a Page Border and Color
Topic B: Add Headers and Footers
Topic C: Control Page Layout
Topic D: Add a Watermark

Lesson 8: Preparing to Publish a Document
Topic A: Check Spelling, Grammar, and Readability
Topic B: Use Research Tools
Topic C: Check Accessibility
Topic D: Save a Document to Other Formats

Section 2:

2Ms Excel
  1. Exploring Excel

Finding and using commands

Moving around a worksheet

Navigating the workbook

  1. Basic Workbook Skills

Creating a workbook

Selecting cells and ranges

Opening, closing and saving workbooks

Entering data into cells

Entering values into ranges

  1. Creating Simple Formulas

Writing formulas in cells

Using the Formula Bar

AutoSum and other basic functions

The Paste Function tool

Automatic calculation

  1. Copying and Moving Data

Copying and cutting data

Absolute cell references

Filling cells

Using drag-and-drop

Undo and Redo

Find and Replace

  1. Managing Worksheets

Naming worksheets

Copying and moving worksheets

Grouping worksheets

Moving data between sheets

Adding and deleting worksheets

Creating 3-D formulas

  1. Printing

Choosing what to print

Previewing and printing

Page Setup

Margins and page orientation

Headers and footers

Repeating column/row headings

Page Break Preview

Printing gridlines

  1. Formatting Data and Cells

Formatting numbers

Formatting text

Colouring data and cells

Wrapping and shrinking text

Merging cells

Using indents

Applying borders to cells

The Format Painter

Conditional formatting

  1. Working with Columns and Rows

Selecting columns and rows

Changing column width and row height

Hiding and unhiding

Inserting and deleting

  1. Using Large Spreadsheets

Changing the magnification

Full Screen view

Splitting the window

Using Freeze Panes

  1. Named Ranges

Naming a range of cells

Jumping to a named range

Using range names in formulas

Re-defining and deleting range names

  1. Working with Data Series

Creating a linear series

Working with Date series

Using Autofill

Section 3:

3Ms Power Point

Lesson 1: Getting Started with PowerPoint
Topic A: Navigate the PowerPoint Environment
Topic B: Create and Save a PowerPoint Presentation
Topic C: Use PowerPoint Help
Lesson 2: Developing a PowerPoint Presentation
Topic A: Select a Presentation Type
Topic B: View and Navigate a Presentation
Topic C: Edit Text
Topic D: Build a Presentation
Lesson 3: Performing Advanced Text Editing Operations
Topic A: Format Characters
Topic B: Format Paragraphs
Topic C: Format Text Boxes
Lesson 4: Adding Graphical Elements to Your Presentation
Topic A: Insert Images
Topic B: Insert Shapes
Lesson 5: Modifying Objects in Your Presentation
Topic A: Edit Objects
Topic B: Format Objects
Topic C: Group Objects
Topic D: Arrange Objects
Topic E: Animate Objects
Lesson 6: Adding Tables to Your Presentation
Topic A: Create a Table
Topic B: Format a Table
Topic C: Insert a Table from Other Microsoft Office Applications
Lesson 7: Adding Charts to Your Presentation
Topic A: Create a Chart
Topic B: Format a Chart
Topic C: Insert a Chart from Microsoft Excel
Lesson 8: Preparing to Deliver Your Presentation
Topic A: Review Your Presentation
Topic B: Apply Transitions
Topic C: Print Your Presentation
Topic D: Deliver Your Presentation

Section 4:

4Inpage (Urdu)

01- Introduction and basic information

02- Creating new page

03- Settings the page layout

04- Document preferences

05– Keyboard preferences

06- Difference between English and Urdu typing

07- User defined keyboard

08- Aligning and formatting Text

09- Creating new color for text and borders

10- Text box & title text box

11- Formatting the page

12- Working with master page

13- Details of tool box

  1. Arrow tool (used to select Drawing Objects)
  2. IBEAM tool (text and picture editing tool)
  3. Rotating objects (used to rotate objects at any angle)
  4. Linking and de-linking tool (used to link and de-link text boxes)
  5. Text box and title text box
  6. Picture box (used to insert pictures in document)
  7. Basics of drawing tools in In-page

14- Making tables in In-page

15- Creating and using style sheet

16- Printing the document

17- Course overview

Section 5:

5Introduction To Internet

Section 6:


Section 7:

7Web Browsing

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