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MicroMinerals Vitamins Negocio

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Ubicación: Boulder
Precio: $45

This formulation provides the body with an optimal mix of vitamins, minerals, trace elements and amino acids. Contains 87 of 90 essential nutrients with a high bio-availability. Nutrients have been carefully formulated so that the whole is more than the sum total of the individual ingredients.

Benefits of an improved mineral supply to the body may include:

● Increased energy

● Improved circulation, warmer hands and feet

● Deeper,more restful sleep

● More full body hair, less splitting of ends

● Stronger nails

● Reduction of aging spots on skin

● Reduction of arthritis pains, less joint stiffness

● Less anxiety

● Improved digestion

● More buoyant mental mood

● Improved libido

● Fewer cravings for sweets or chocolate

● Loss of weight through improved metabolism

● Fewer colds


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